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College of Design, Construction and Planning

Born in Brazil, Daniel moved with his family to South Florida at the age of 7. While earning his undergraduate degree in Sustainability and the Built Environment, he worked with Envision Heritage – a UF Historic Preservation initiative. His senior capstone project focused on the integration of 3D laser scanning technology in the sustainability and preservation process. Now a graduate student at UF’s Urban and Regional Planning program, he has also volunteered at Porter’s Community Farm and tutored at Micanopy Library.

Graduate Student


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences + College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Department of Agricultural Education and Communication advocate. Reitz Scholar. UF Honors program member. E. T. York Jr. Medal of Excellence recipient. Those are just a few of the hats Clay Hurdle has worn during his time at UF. He is currently pursuing a dual degree in Spanish and agricultural education and communication. And just to make sure his day is full, Clay dedicates time to volunteerism and service in the community.



College of Education

Natalie King has earned two degrees at UF and is nearing her third. A doctoral candidate with a bachelor’s degree in applied physiology and kinesiology and a master’s in special education. She was named the Outstanding Graduate Student in Leadership from the College of Education. A frequent presenter at local, national and international conferences, she has been published in several journals and a book. Natalie also has won UF’s Phyllis M. Meek Spirit of Susan B. Anthony and Graduate Student Mentoring awards.



College of Design, Construction and Planning

Born in Brazil, Daniel moved with his family to South Florida at the age of 7. While earning his undergraduate degree in Sustainability and the Built Environment, he worked with Envision Heritage – a UF Historic Preservation initiative. His senior capstone project focused on the integration of 3D laser scanning technology in the sustainability and preservation process. Now a graduate student at UF’s Urban and Regional Planning program, he has also volunteered at Porter’s Community Farm and tutored at Micanopy Library.

Graduate Student


More than half (56%) of students start at UF and graduate with no student loan debt.


UF’s more than 1,260 international baccalaureate students enrolled are the most in the country.


UF ranked first in master’s degrees and second in bachelor’s degrees awarded to Hispanic students in 2013.



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Over 96 percent of UF’s freshmen continue after their freshman year.


70 percent of UF undergraduates secure employment or plan employment in the state of Florida.


Gators have more than 45 campus dining options to choose from.


Whatever you’ve got your sights set on, that’s merely the beginning. As a Gator you’ll learn to see beyond the horizon. We measure success not in individual achievement, but where you go from there. Because when reaching your goals is just the starting point, there’s no end to what Gators can accomplish.

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